Chema Rodriguez,

Certified Professional Masseuse

In your hands is the solution to have the body you want.


Our certified therapist will offer you the personalized plan for you .


Post Operative Massage includes:

  • lymphatic massage

  • ultra sound

  • wood therapy

  • apparatus



Shaping Massage that includes:

  • virtual gastric girdle (hypnosis)

  • cavitation

  • radio frequency,

  • vacuum

  • electro-stimulation

  • sauna

  • wood therapy

  • anti-cellulite massage



If you want to lose weight and shape your body, Call for a consultation


1 session

1 Session of:


Explanation of the program



$ 0 (free!)

10 Sessions

10 Sessions that includes:

Action plan, virtual gastric band, reducing massages with appliances

50 minute shaping massage


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