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L uz M ariella is director of the Luz Reiki Academy , international RTC instructor and Reiki master.


She is also the creator of the Reiki Conscious Transmutation (RTC) comprehensive healing method.


Luz is also a facilitator of A Course In Miracles and a life coach, specialist in Transgenerational Analysis, BioNeuroEmotion, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

She will accompany you to discover the root of the problem that you may be going through to heal it and help you have a better perspective in life.

"Heal your past and illuminate your present"



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Chema Rodrigues is the owner of the Luz Reiki Wellness Center. He is also a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, and Certified Massage Therapist and Shaper.

Muscle pains? Neck, back, leg pain? Sciatica pain? Migraines? Shoulder pain?

C hema, will touch the specific points for your physical improvement.

Do you want to improve your physical appearance? Lose weight? Shape your figure? Or do you need post-operative therapy after remodeling surgery? Its aesthetic massages made with specialized devices such as lipolaser, cavitation, sauna and others will give your body the appearance you want so much.

If you want to lose weight, we recommend the "Rediscover yourself" program, which includes a virtual gastric band (with hypnosis), an eating program (without diet) and Mental programming (self-hypnosis audios) including modeling massage.

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Phobias? Anxiety? Depression? Emotional conflicts? Love or financial blockages?  Do you want to know the emotional conflict that is giving rise to that symptom that you call illness? Do you feel that your energy is not at its proper level?

We have the solution at Luz Reiki Wellness Center, Prospect Park NJ

call to schedule an appointment for massage, therapy, or consultation

# 973-914-1071

Muscle relief

We offer many types of massages according to your needs

Physical Appearance

We offer Lipo-laser and more  to improve physical appearance


We have many different types of therapies, including Reiki-cleaning and balance of the body's energy centers to harmonize physical and energy level

Therapy with Luz

Using Reiki Conscious Transmutation we help you solve and heal emotional blocks from the past. In person or Online

Personal Coaching

We help with identifying what moment of your life you're in, the original cause for an issue and guidance to obtain better perception and achieve the desired objective

Talleres y Cursos

Interested in personal and spiritual growth? Visit us for workshops and courses - virtually or in person

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